Improve your connection

Wifi device
Unless you are very close to the hotspot antenna <100m, you should use a high gain wifi antenna like Badboy / Bullet / Wirie / AlfaNetwork (wifi antennas choice).  Tablet / Smartphone / PC have very small embbed antennas which have be difficulties to establish solid connection over long distance (>100m). Order by sensitivity,  PCs, Tablets and to finish the less sensitive the smartphones. On the other side, they have the adavntage to inclue the last wifi standard like Wifi dual band 2.4/5Ghz and Wifi AC.

Anchorage location
The further you are away from our antennas, the worse your connection will be
To optimise your location, you can check our coverage maps.

Signal strengh
The strength of the signal received is a good element to get an idea of the quality of connection by cons that is not enough. The most important is the difference between the received signal and the noise level. At the Marin and Sainte-Anne, the noise level evolves between -86db -88db which is very high. To have an audible signal in all this noise requires a minimum deviation of 10db or a received signal of a minimum level of -78db. The lower the number, the more likely the communication will be of quality.

Hotpost choice
The strongest signal is not necessarily the best.
If you receive several of our antennas how to choose the one that works best for you?
Only one solution, try all antennas and check :
– by choosing the Lamentin server
– Follow the% CCQ indicated on the Bullet and Badboy
– Ping our router (at the Marin in Sainte Anne:

If you have a Bullet, you can make a ping directly from the AirOS interface. Pings in timeout or greater than 200ms is the symptom of a connection with interferences.

Unfortunately the wifi environment is evolving and you should not hesitate to try again with another antenna when the connection is no longer usable.

Why a strong signal is not enough:
The wifi is a symmetrical connection, you must receive our antenna properly and our antenna must receive your signal properly also. For each packet of data sent by our antenna, your device return a acknwoledge receipt. If the acknowledgment is not received, our antenna will return the data. If our antenna does not receive yours properly, the data is considered lost, our antenna is constantly returning the data and your connection is unusable.
2 elements can disrupt the exchanges, a bad reception of your equipment by our antenna, a high level of interferences.

Why is it so complicated here that in some islands it works very well?
– Martinique is one of the most densely populated Caribbean islands. Sainte-Anne and the Marin have a large number of dwellings with a large number of wifi equipment and therefore activity on the frequency band of 2.4Ghz. The level of interference is therefore high and fluctuates throughout the day.
– The anchorage areas of Sainte Anne and the Marin are very frequented by cruisers. A large number of boats are equipped with a very powerful amplified wifi antenna. We are well beyond the regulatory limit of 100mw (20dbm) at the antenna output. Most bullet / badboy are deep on 28db + 8 to 10db antennas either 36dbm output either 4w or more than 5 times too much power. It is a very important source of interferences. As explained above the wifi is a symmetrical connection. Nothing serves to send an overpowering signal to our antenna, it does not change anything and increases the interferences for everyone.