Wifi for Boaters

CaptainWifi is the only network to offer floating antennas, right in the heart of the anchorage areas.
Available at Le Marin, Sainte-Anne and Anse d’Arlet

Info:17/06/2020 New router operational. If you have connection problems, try restarting your antenna / router.



1 Go

of data

Expires in 3 months



5 Go

of data

Expires in 3 months





Expires in 1 month





Expires in 3 months

4Mbs down 2Mbs up –  maximum throughput. Evolves with distance, receiving device and interferences level

Wifi Coverage

Sainte Anne

le Marin

Grande anse d'Arlets

Tips and technical guides

Antenna choice

Guides to amplified antennas available on the market. Advantages / Disadvantages / Prices

Improve your connection

Some tips to improve your connection.

Interferences ?

Some explanations on the enemy number 1 of wifi.


Most frequent questions and answers

This message appears when you try to connect a second device when your are already connected to another device. To connect a second device, you must disconnect the first one. To disconnect.

If you have a ticket with a data limit, you can check your consumption at

Your login details are given to you once the payment has been validated by Paypal. In most cases, this comes from a poor connection.
– Either the Paypal payment process fails
– Either, much rarer, the page with the identifiers fails to display.
In the first case you can try again. Nevertheless, I want to warn that if the payment is already difficult to make, the connection may be of poor quality. In the second case. You can contact me or if you are in a hurry you can buy a second ticket that I will refund you free of charge.

It may be hard to beleive but our bandwidth is never saturated. If you have a very slow connection on our hospot it’s only an interference issue.
The most common wifi is in 2.4Ghz and it has only 11 channels. And these 11 channels overlap each over. (ex : Channel 3 overlaps the 1,2,4,5). So during the day with a city with a lot of locals, you’ll have plenty of active wifi networks. As on water, nothing stop wifi waves, we all receive the wifi network from the shore and all ships from the anchorage too. If you are in this situation, ther are only three solutions :
1 – Wait at night. Almost all wifi networks are inactive. The interferences level is low. You can use all the bandwidth you want !!
2 – We have several antennas on each hospot with different wifi channel. The intereferences don’t affect all antenna at the same time. So you might find another antenna with better performances even its signal strengh is weaker.
3 – Using the 5Ghz wifi band. In Sainte Anne and Le Marin, we have 5Ghz antennas. In 5Ghz there is much more channels less interferences and really better performances.

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